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Skinners' and Christ's Hospital Process on Corpus Christi Day

Thursday 07 June 2018

The Skinners’ Company is one of the “Great Twelve” livery companies with a history going back some 700 years.  In times gone by it governed the use, production and sale of furs used for trimming garments for people of exalted rank. The Company has a long tradition of charitable giving and today it runs schools, alms houses and charities. 


Skinners’ link with Christ’s Hospital originated in the early 17th Century when William Stoddard bequeathed a sum of money to The Skinners’ Company for the ‘relief of the poor’.  Sharing Christ’s Hospital’s ethos in prioritising children of families with need, The Skinners’ Company has presented children to the School ever since.


In common with most Livery Companies, the Skinners’ have a Church Service on the day when the new master is elected for the forthcoming year. This year’s master is Mrs Annabelle Baird. The Skinners’ hold their service on Corpus Christi Day and maintain the tradition of processing from their Livery Hall at Dowgate Hill in the City of London to Church in full regalia.


A spokesperson from Skinners’ said: “Thank you very much for bringing all your fantastic Christ’s Hospital pupils to Skinners, it was a pleasure to meet them and some of their parents. Everyone was very impressed with Christian, the Aston Award winner, his speech was incredibly moving and his plans to work in the Ukraine are inspiring.” The Aston Award is a grant given to the best proposal for an adventure by a Grecian (Year 13 pupil) of Christ’s Hospital.


The procession is led by the Company Beadle with his mace.  Behind him come the tutor and pupils of Christ’s Hospital and then the Livery of the Company.

Photos courtesy of Robert Piwko.


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