Wednesday 29th May 2024

Speech Day 2024




On Saturday 25 May, as is tradition, the school welcomed The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of the City of London, Michael Mainelli, and the Mayoral Party for this year’s Speech Day.

After an atmospheric service in Chapel, Second Form students Phareza and Stanley presented a bouquet to the Lady Mayoress in front of Dining Hall. This was followed by the annual tradition of March Past – when the drum majors leading the school’s famous Band salute the Lord Mayor and the students march past the guests of honour in the quadrangle with their ‘eyes right’. The Band’s performance was outstanding, as always, and even the weather cooperated, treating us to bright sunshine!

Next came the Prize Giving ceremony, during which senior pupils were presented with awards and prizes from generous supporters across the UK and overseas, recognising academic achievement, leadership, international relations and outward-bound activities. The highlight of the ceremony was the impressive 10-minute oration given by Senior Grecian (Head Student), Zaphaneth, to which the Lord Mayor responded with his own speech.

Speech Day is a long-standing tradition at Christ’s Hospital and has been held in the summer term since 1871. When Christ’s Hospital was founded in 1552, it was the Lord Mayor of the day, Sir Richard Dobbs, who gathered a committee to raise money following Edward’s VI’s request to set up Christ’s Hospital for the education of impoverished boys and girls. Today, the link between the Lord Mayor and CH carries on, with the Lord Mayor being Vice President of the School.

Congratulations to all Grecians who were awarded prizes.  The details of these prizes are:

Grecians’ Academic Prizes

Biology                                                             Tiffany

English                                                             Scarlet

French                                                             Eloise

Geography                                                       Elena

German                                                            Zara

Latin                                                                 Robert

Mandarin                                                          Ogechi

Further Mathematics                                        Momo

Mathematics                                                     Ryo                 

Music                                                               Oliver

Physics                                                            Andrew

Spanish                                                           Edith 

Sports Science                                                 Orla

Kitcher Prize for Theology and Philosophy       Daniel 

Grecians’ Prizes

The Vikki Askew Prize:                                              Evie

Awarded to a student who has been an outstanding leader in community action and who has dedicated much of their time to improving the lives of others.

The Worshipful Company of Needlemakers’ Prize: Petra

For a Grecian who has shown outstanding commitment in the study of art and design.

The Bennett Prize for Debating:                               Summer

In memory of Roger Bennett, Old Blue, for ‘wit and eloquence’ in debating.

The Worshipful Company of Salters’ Prize:             Emmanuel

For a Grecian who has shown exceptional enthusiasm, commitment and achievement throughout their study of chemistry.

The Worshipful Company of World Traders’ Prize: Evie

For the Grecian who has excelled in Economics beyond the classroom.

The Oliver Hare World Traders’ Company Prize for commitment to the CH Band:     Oliver

In memory of Oliver Hare, Middleton A and Grecians West 2005-2012.

The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries’ Prize:      Amara

For a Grecian intending to study medicine, pharmacy or a medicine-related subject at university.

The Worshipful Company of Carpenters Prize:        Corinne

For a Grecian who has been exemplary in their study of art and design.

The Barclay Hankin Prize:                                         Emily

For a Grecian who has displayed the high level of creative and engineering skills required to be a successful designer and who has chosen to pursue a closely associated degree.

The Cherniavsky Prize:                                              Zara

Awarded to the historian who best emulates the high standards of scholarship and intellectual rigour championed by Professor Cherniavsky, who served for eighteen years as an inspirational Head of History at Christ’s Hospital.

The Worshipful Company of Carmen’s Prize:          Oscar, Zaphaneth, Emily, Daria, Manuela, Bethany

For Grecians who have shown all round and sustained commitment and contribution to school life during their time at Christ’s Hospital.

The Susan Mitchell Award:                                       Axel, Freja

For the Grecians whose achievements at the school reflect exemplary resilience.

The Christ’s Hospital Lodge Bursary:                      Summer, Petra

For a Grecian who can demonstrate that they are giving or have given something back to the community in the way of charitable works or support for others.

The Maggie Williams Trophy:                                    Maureen

For a Grecian who has shown excellence in, and sustained contributions to sport

The Holder Trophy:                                                    Malcolm

For a Grecian who has shown excellence in, and sustained contributions to sport.

The Lamb Prize for Independent Study:                   Ziyad

For a Grecian who has produced the best piece of voluntary work undertaken out of term-time in any academic field, showing initiative, flair, ambition, research and scholarship.

The Pooley Sword:                                                     Oliver

An 1897 Pattern Infantry Officer’s sword decoratively etched with the school’s crest.  It is awarded to the member of the Combined Cadet Force who has demonstrated the power to lead, while exhibiting the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance.

The Catherine Morpurgo Theatre Scholarship:       Omowumi

This fund was set up in March 1993 by Catherine Morpurgo, who was the wife of an Old Blue. Awarded to a Grecian who has gained admission to a university where the quality and training is acknowledged to be a major step towards a career in the professional theatre.

The Dadson Prize:                                                      Ryo

Established in 1978 by the legacy of Eric Fulton Dadson, an Old Blue, for the purpose of providing annual prizes for history or history of art, or for essays and/ or research into Anglo-Flemish political or commercial relations and/or Flemish Art.  These are awarded as books and travelling expenses to the Low Countries, especially Flanders.

The Clive Kemp Trophy:                                            Thomas

For a Grecian who has shown outstanding endeavour and leadership in outward bound activities.

The Moyna Gilbertson Prize:                                     Gabriel

For a Grecian who during their time at the school has made a pre-eminent contribution to the Arts, not only in curriculum work but also in broader curricular activity, in which they have shown an ability to organise and lead others.

The Ellen Highly Memorial Award:                            Edith

For a Grecian girl who has shown great interest in international relations and wishes to travel abroad.

The Irene Pearl Prize:                                                 Kai

 Awarded to a Grecian who is the best creative writer in the school and likely to continue their development beyond Christ’s Hospital.

The Wilcox-Wallis Prize for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics: Hugo

The Wilcox Prize for Science was first awarded in 1904 to a young Barnes Wallis, who went on to become one of the leading engineers of his generation.  This prize was endowed in 2015 by David Taplin, Metallurgical Engineer (1955 Wilcox Prizewinner) – as President of the British Columbia Old Blues.

The Worshipful Company of Musicians’ Prize:        Manuela

For a senior musician for their outstanding contribution, commitment and leadership to the broader-curricular life of the Music School throughout their time at Christ’s Hospital.

The David Farrington Prize:                                      Andrew

For a Grecian for overall academic excellence over both years of the sixth form. It is based on the independent study scheme, departmental recommendations, academic buttons, contributions to Oxbridge essay prizes, bursary awards by top universities, Olympiad participation, and our own gradings to form a picture of who has achieved the most in an academic sense across all their studies.

The Head Teacher’s Prizes:                                       Jack, Elizabeth, Sapphire, Scarlett, Edem

Awarded to Grecians who in the course of their final year have led initiatives to improve the community of Christ’s Hospital.

Constantine Prize for Leadership:                            Zaphaneth, Osaherunmwen

For Grecians who have shown the highest qualities of leadership while at Christ’s Hospital.