Stay at Home – Stay in Touch

Tuesday 07 April 2020

As we begin week three in ‘lock-down’ it becomes more apparent than ever of the detrimental effect the current situation will have on the individual and the country due to the closure of businesses and schools, the loss of jobs, and the lack of human interaction some people will be experiencing.

For our 2020 leaving Grecians and Old Blues finishing their university degrees this year the future will seem even more daunting than ever with uncertainty on what the future may hold. It’s difficult to predict what the job market will look like this summer and beyond.

For those living alone this could be proving a lonely time, with visitors and movement outside the home restricted to the bare minimum. But as we have seen so many times in the past, difficult times have a way of uniting the Old Blue community.

With that in mind I would like to remind you of all that the website has to offer Old Blues, and encourage you to make full use of it during this time:


  • Search for and reconnect with contemporaries and old friends
  • Start a chat in the main news feed about how you are managing, any ideas you have come up with to pass the time or share an anecdote to raise a smile
  • Ask for help! Search for other Old Blues who are local to you and who may be able to lend a hand
  • Offer a helping hand to those who may need it
  • Post and share photos of your time at CH or of more recent memories
  • Keep updated with CH and the Old Blues Association. We post all of our updates about CH, the Old Blues Association, events, and information on what’s happening for Old Blues in our geographical groups here first.


  • Connect with others in your profession or industry to discuss how they are managing and to swap ideas and thoughts
  • Network and develop business relationships with other Old Blues for now and after the situation changes
  • Are you hiring? If you work for or own one of the few businesses who are needing to recruit at this time advertise your vacancies on our Jobs Board
  • Advertise your business for free on our new Business Directory. Link to your own website and even offer special promotions or incentives to other Old Blues if they find you through the platform.

University students and recent graduates

  • Contact Old Blues in industries and professions you are hoping to enter, ask for advice on what you can do now to help you in the coming months
  • Find a Mentor who may be able to offer ongoing guidance and advice
  • Improve your CV! Take this time to work on your CV and request critique from those in the know
  • Network and connect with Old Blues in industries that interest you
  • Old Blues at your Uni? Search for and connect with other Old Blues who are at your university and may be experiencing the same issues as you

Join or revisit now – you just need to register or sign in with either your email address, Facebook or LinkedIn profile. For a full ‘How to Guide’ on using the website click here. Stay at Home – Stay in touch.