Wednesday 12th Jun 2024

Student Voice Awards 2024




We are delighted to announce that four Christ’s Hospital students – Vieran, Zaphaneth, Harvey and Tai’bat – have won awards in the National Student Voice Awards 2024, with one, Vieran (DG/Year 12) being crowned winner of the Secondary Student category! The awards celebrate the hard work of schools and students across the country to make sure their voices are heard.

Vieran (DG/Year 12) – Winner of the Secondary Student category

As the founder of the Youth Carers Society and co-founder of the South Asian Society, Vieran blew the judges away with how he used his knowledge and personal experience to make a real difference in his school. One of the judges said: ‘This person is simply outstanding. The widespread change he has created in his community is nothing short of inspirational. From founding groups to create a safe space for young carers, to using his lived experience to inspire important conversations for young people from South Asian backgrounds – this person is a leader in every sense of the word.’

Zaphaneth (GR/Year 13) – Silver Award in the Secondary Student category

Zaphaneth’s men’s mental health initiative stood out to our judges, as his ‘Bro Lunch’ aimed to eliminate stigmas around men’s mental health and men seeking professional help. The judges said he ‘has shown immeasurable leadership, initiative and courage’ and ‘should be incredibly proud of his work’.

Harvey (DG/Year 12) – Bronze Award in the Secondary Student category

Harvey’s work as a peer mentor along with his work breaking down stigmas around mental health – particularly for Black boys – shows just how impactful student voice can be.

Tai’Bat (DG/Year 12) – Bronze Award in the Secondary Student category

‘Inspirational’ was the word all three of the judges used. Tai’Bat’s work to teach others about issues women face and for the Afro-Caribbean Society and Muslim Students’ Association shows the number of people she’s using her voice to support.