The aim of the History department is to encourage our students to develop compassion, curiosity, a critical eye and, in particular, fundamental British values and global awareness.

To this end the department aims to blend a broad study of a diverse range of Historical subjects and their associated controversies with the progression of analytical skills in an environment where all students, regardless of ability, will be able to thrive and find their particular Historical passion.

The department is well housed and resourced in the South Buildings with dedicated teaching and ICT facilities as well as our own extensive reference library, open to senior students throughout the week. This facility, in particular, allows students to develop their own independent study habits in preparation for higher education.

Our junior school syllabus allows our students to grapple with the concepts of monarchy, control, conflict, rebellion, revolution and immigration. Topics covered include the Norman Conquest, Medieval Europe, Monarchy, the Industrial Revolution, The First World War, Russian Revolution and the USA between the wars.

At IGCSE students follow the CIE 20th century course, focussing on the Cold War and the History of the Gulf.

Post IGCSE students have the opportunity to follow the A level. The A level follows two strands built around a core of either Medieval or Early Modern History. Topics covered range from the Crusades, Anglo Saxon England, The French Revolution, British Empire and Suffragette movement.

Illustrations by Connie Haigh. GE (Year 11) student Connie Haigh was tasked with creating images reflecting the diverse nature of the History curriculum at CH. Connie has used a simple but bold approach allowing for each image to beautifully reflect its subject matter