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Chapel organ appeal – How you can help

The restoration of the Chapel organ is a major undertaking requiring £1 million in funding. We hope that Old Blues and others will recognise the central importance of the organ and so wish to become involved in this vital project. Whether you have memories of being in Chapel listening to or singing along to the organ, have played the organ yourself or wish to ensure that CH and its pupils continue to benefit from this magnificent instrument there is a unique opportunity to play your part.

“After more than 90 years of near daily use, it is, understandably, in need of some serious care and attention. We are aware of the significance of the undertaking, but we are determined that the generations of pupils to come are able to give voice to our belief that Chapel really is the heart of the place.”  Senior Chaplain, The Reverend Craig Huxley-Jones   

Sponsor a Pipe

CH’s Sponsor a Pipe initiative enables supporters to make their mark in CH’s wonderful history through sponsoring individual organ pipes. Individuals can choose to support one or more pipes, with sponsorship levels ranging from £100 for a 2ft pipe (such as a piccolo) and £500 for a 4ft pipe (such as an octave or lieblich) to £5,000 for one of the vast 32ft pipes (such as a diapson) and £20,000 for the famous tuba magna.

Recognising your generosity

All those contributing to the fundraising campaign will be acknowledged through a special commemorative area of the CH website. Those contributing £5,000 or more will be acknowledged on a plaque in Chapel.


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