The need for Brighter Futures

Christ’s Hospital’s charitable mission has always been to break down the barriers to social mobility for young people who are in financial or social need. The devastating effects of COVID-19 have resulted in even more families needing CH’s help.

COVID-19 disproportionately affects the lowest paid and those on the front line. The crisis has forcibly brought to our attention the reliance we place on key workers: perhaps most visibly in the NHS, but also workers in refuse collection, food distribution, and social care, many of whom are low paid. CH can help these families by providing a boarding education for those children who would benefit, but could not otherwise afford it.

Disadvantaged children are facing even more hardship due to COVID-19, with their education disrupted and life chances reduced. We must respond and support those children who need it most. In order to do this, we need funds.

In recent weeks, we have seen many instances of generosity from Old Blues, parents and other supporters, which allows us to extend further help to those families most financially affected. We are incredibly grateful for these donations and the support from the CH community during these especially uncertain times. If we are to continue our charitable mission and change the lives of children in need, we also need your help. Together, we can open doors to Bright Futures.

Even before the crisis, CH was reaching out to vulnerable children from deprived areas, their prospects low, hampered by economic and social need. Some face serious issues where parents or carers are struggling to cope. Some children have experienced extreme domestic violence throughout their lives, or suffer from poverty and neglect. Others have been placed in emergency foster care, like Rose, whose story you can read here. It is these children who stand to gain the most from a CH education and boarding. For them, a bursary at CH is especially precious. It can open doors that were closed and it can transform their lives.

Support Bright Futures

By donating to Bright Futures, you will be giving vulnerable children the opportunity they need to thrive and transform their lives forever. When given the opportunity to take control of their own lives they can become tomorrow’s leaders and change our world for the better. But if we are to continue and extend the CH mission, we need your support. Make a gift today and help a child achieve more than they ever believed possible.