Visiting Speaker: Daze Aghaji

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Last week, we were fortunate enough to have Daze Aghaji in another successful instalment of the Ridley Lectures series. Her lecture was entitled: ‘Climate, women’s rights & racial justice: all the same fight.’

Daze is a current undergraduate at Goldsmith’s University in London, activist, and MEP candidate in 2019 (the youngest ever candidate to stand). Her background and experience in activism made for a thought-provoking hour, topics ranging from her experiences with XR Youth, how she was able to stand as an MEP and what young people can do to get involved in political issues. With the redoubtable Mr. Hawkins interviewing, Daze, with energy and enthusiasm, gave us an excellent insight into the world of activism, supplemented by a lively audience debate.

(Written by Andrew McLeod, GR/Year 13)

Daze commented after the event to say: ‘It was a real pleasure speaking with you all and I would love to visit when it is possible. It’s been really amazing having some of your students reach out and engage with the content of the speech much deeper.’