Wednesday 20th Mar 2024

Kitcher Society Lecture


For the last Kitcher Society meeting of the year, we were very lucky to see the return of the much beloved Fr Hux to the school after his departure to Gloucester Cathedral. Given his separated status, he was able to give a candid and personal evaluation of gay marriage and relationships in the context of Christianity – a topic evidently highly important to our diverse school community, given the full-house attendance.

During the talk itself, Fr Hux opened with a clear presentation of scripture, assessing the contents of the Bible to argue that depictions of marriage within are neither consistent nor ideal. Instead, by focusing on the ideal relationship of love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we can fully justify any loving homosexual relationship from a fully backed theological perspective. The high density and explanation of quotations was especially useful for the many GE (Year 11) students taking theology and philosophy who attended. In the Q&A, many interesting topics came up, especially around the critical evaluation of the Bible as a work that had been translated many times, with each iteration bringing its own biases of the time. There were discussions of the initially seeming blatantly anti-gay passages, and whether or not a literal reading of any translated version can be seen as true to the faith at all, as well as much more.