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As economic and social inequality continue to grow in the UK, the role of education as a catalyst for change has become ever more critical.

Christ’s Hospital provides first-class, free or supported education to talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them to reach their full potential and transforming lives in a way that no other educational establishment in the UK can match.


The Bright Futures campaign is an urgent fundraising appeal to raise £1.5 million to provide 18 places for disadvantaged young people at CH by September 2021.

Since the launch in 2019, CH supporters have raised £1.1 million for Bright Futures – an incredible amount. But we urgently need to raise the remaining £400,000 to help fund these bursary places by 1st September, so more bright children can reach their full potential at CH.

The UK has been rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic, social and educational impact is being felt hardest by those families already facing deprivation. Covid-19 is not a great leveler: disproportionately it affects the lowest paid, those on the front line and families in overcrowded accommodation. The need for places at CH is now greater than ever.

CH is uniquely positioned to offer such children a solution, to break free from disadvantage. With the help of our supporters, we can ensure more talented young people can receive the opportunity of a CH education.


We need your help to provide every child with the potential to flourish at CH with the opportunity and financial support to do so. Donate today, and make Bright Futures Poss18le


Recent leavers from CH will be calling Old Blues and parents from 6th to 19th July 2021. They are looking forward to sharing memories and experiences of CH and keeping our CH community connected with the latest news and developments, including our Bright Futures Campaign. Find out more here.

We appreciate every gift to Christ’s Hospital – we’re extremely grateful to those who have donated to the Bright Futures campaign. A list of our Bright Futures supporters can be viewed here.