Wednesday 17th Apr 2024

CCF Easter Camp




In the first week of the Easter holidays, members of the CCF contingent took part in a six-day-long military training camp, based at Brunswick Camp in Pirbright.

The 28 cadets benefited from several challenging, military training activities as well as a day’s sailing adventure on the Solent. Some of the activities included TIBUA (blank firing in a built-up area) at a purpose-built training facility in Longmoor; shooting practice at different ranges and positions at an indoor electronic laser range; first aid training; and a full-bore range day on Ash Ranges, which saw all cadets achieving the next level of shooting within their syllabus, despite bad weather conditions. The last day was Competition Day, with cadets doing some marching and going on to race in their sections to three locations around the camp training area: a first aid stand, a military observation stand, and an air rifle range and weapons training stand. The weather did not hold out, but they all enjoyed the experience, nevertheless. Later, the cadets enjoyed an afternoon’s swimming and tenpin bowling at the Spectrum Centre in Guilford.

There were both individual and team prizes for each day’s activities. Tallak (DG/Year 12) received two shooting medals, while Darlene and Robin, both UF/Year 10 cadets, received shooting medals for live firing, for what was their first time on a live fire range.

Cadets said they found the training exciting, demanding and of great benefit to their personal development, with many experiencing activities that were completely new to them – another successful camp for the CCF!