Day students

Day students at Christ’s Hospital

Day students at Christ’s Hospital enjoy exactly the same experience as the boarders, apart from sleeping at school, they become members of one of our boarding houses, so they can play a full part in school life. This integrated approach brings all of our pupils naturally together and allows everyone to benefit fully from the facilities and the friendships that are on offer beyond the normal school day. Many will stay on for supper at school and opt to stay on for prep, prior to an evening rehearsal or attending a lecture, from a visiting speaker. They can also remain at school well into the evenings and are also welcome to participate in school activities on a Sunday should they wish to do so.

The School Week

In order to take advantage of the full boarding life at Christ’s Hospital, day students spend a significant amount of the week during term time at school and, like many other boarding schools, this includes Saturday morning school. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in our broader curricular programme and to benefit from our magnificent facilities, including the Music School, the purpose-built theatre and sports facilities.

Monday to Friday:

  • 8.15am: Registration in house
  • 8.30am: Morning lessons commence
  • 4.30pm: Day pupils are free to go home if they have no other commitments
  • 7.00pm Roll call in house


  • 8.15am: Registration in house
  • 8.30am: Lessons commence
  • 1.15pm: Sport or Activities (pupils are free to leave when sport/activities finish)

Attendance at full school Chapel services on Sundays is optional for day pupils.

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