Bursaries and Scholarships

Bursaries and scholarships at Christ’s Hospital

Bursaries: A bursary is means-assessed financial assistance given to help support a family who would not otherwise be able to afford some or all of the school fees. Bursaries at Christ’s Hospital are available to applicants for boarding places only.

Scholarships: A scholarship rewards outstanding achievements and talent in, for example, academic work, music, sport, art or drama. Scholarships may be honorary or may provide a discount of up to 20% of the assessed fee level.*

Scholarships are awarded to students who are entering the school at Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12 and to existing students who are moving into Year 9 and Year 12. Bursaries make places at Christ’s Hospital affordable; scholarships are an additional bonus for a limited number of outstanding students.

Students may be awarded both a bursary and a scholarship at the same time.

We welcome fee paying day students who are within a commutable distance from the school. Should a day applicant be successful in receiving a scholarship we can occasionally, depending on individual circumstances, offer a small amount of additional fee assistance to support the scholar in taking up their place at the school.

Head’s Award
The Head Teacher has a discretionary award for all-round academic and broader curricular achievement and/or significant potential. This is awarded at the end of the assessment process, can be honorary or financial and can be awarded to a boarding student as well as to a day student.

* If a significant bursary is awarded, parents should not assume that a scholarship will provide additional financial support.


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