Historic Methods of Entry

Historic Methods of Entry

Christ’s Hospital has been in existence for over 470 years and has some Historic Methods of Entry that are attached to bursary applications.

Wests’ Gift for Children

The income which makes it possible for Christ’s Hospital to continue to offer means-tested bursary places is often derived from endowments made by generous benefactors, such as that made by John and Frances West.

John and Frances West lived in the latter part of the 17th and early part of the 18th centuries. John became a wealthy merchant in the City of London and lived in a house on the site that is now occupied by the Mansion House.

John and Frances had no children of their own but they did have strong family connections with Newbury, Reading, Twickenham and the City of London. Children from these areas are therefore encouraged to apply for a place at Christ’s Hospital via the West Gift Bursary fund.

RAF Foundationers Trust and 617 Squadron

Sir Barnes Wallis, a former pupil, Governor and Treasurer set up the trust in 1951. An award was made to him in recognition of his work by the 617 Squadron of the RAF. Barnes Wallis kindly set up the fund with the money he received and the RAF Benevolent Fund donated a like amount.

The Fund provides an income for the education of a small number of children in the School at any one time. Consideration for places is given to children of personnel who are serving or who have served in the RAF.

Royal Navy/Royal Mathematical School

The Royal Mathematical School (RMS) was founded at Christs Hospital by King Charles II on 19 August 1673, providing £1000 for 7 years for 40 ‘poor boys’ to be trained in the art of navigation and to be apprenticed for a further 7 years to the Captains or Commanders of ships for service at sea. They joined the Royal Navy in times of war and the Merchant Navy in times of peace.

These historic places are not subject to funding but special consideration for places is given to children of personnel who are serving, or have served in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines or Royal Navy Reserve. There are a maximum of forty RMS places at the School at any one time.

City Livery Companies

Christ’s Hospital was founded in the City of London over 470 years ago as a charity funded by City Businesses and the Church to provide training/education to poor street children. Today, the School retains its connections with these organisations, some of which have an ancient right to ‘Present’ a child to the School.

On the registration/application form you will be asked to specify whether you have any connections with the City Livery Companies. The Admissions Office will be able to advise you whether any Presentations are available for your child’s year of entry.

If you should have any queries about any of the Historic Methods of Entry places available please contact the Admissions Office.

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