School Life

School Life

If you want a school with the ‘wow’ factor in abundance, look no further than Christ’s Hospital.

Christ’s Hospital has been rated ‘excellent’ in every aspect by the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate.

Christ’s Hospital offers its pupils something very rare in UK independent education. The School is one of only four co-educational full boarding senior schools in the country. The advantage of full boarding is that all pupils stay at school twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. On Saturday mornings there are lessons followed by a weekend programme of sport, co-curricular activity and entertainment.

What is so special about Christ’s Hospital is the extent of the resources on offer: 24/7 teachers, supported prep sessions, a broad range of activities including societies like the medics group to help with university applications as well as extensive and impressive sports facilities. When pupils start at Christ’s Hospital they are encouraged to join in and to have a go, to discover new hobbies, to make use of the wonderful facilities on site and to ensure they get the most out of their time at the School.

The School is unashamedly academic – with 98% of pupils moving on each year to the leading universities in this country and abroad.

Pupils’ fees are assessed according to family income, so that it is a child’s ability and potential to benefit from a Christ’s Hospital education that determines their selection. This results in a social and cultural diversity that enriches our school community and offers our pupils unique opportunities as we prepare them to take their place in the modern world.

“Whilst other school fee assistance schemes have come and gone, Christ’s Hospital has stuck to its charitable aims since it was founded in 1552: educating the financially, socially and otherwise needy for free, or at a reduced rate, in a caring boarding environment. Today these pupils sit happily alongside the full fee payers and the School’s pupil profile is one of which its royal founder, Edward VI, would have been proud.”
Kate, former parent