School Life

School Life

Christ’s Hospital prides itself on delivering a vibrant curriculum that has both challenge and opportunity at its heart. The CH curriculum is made up of three interwoven parts: a stimulating academic curriculum which covers everything inside the classroom; an extensive broader curriculum which encapsulates everything outside the classroom; and a pastoral curriculum which has deep roots in the boarding house system complemented by a dynamic learning for life programme which teaches personal development. All three complement and support the progress of our pupils at every stage.

Pupils’ experiences outside the classroom are challenging, varied, and rewarding. They are about discovering and developing new and lifelong interests and talents. The School’s diverse curriculum encourages life-skills and is devised to take the pupils out of their comfort zone. An enormous range of Music, Art, Drama, Sport, and outward-bound activity is offered, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Young Enterprise, Model United Nations, chess, debating, public speaking and so many more.

Christ’s Hospital’s commitment to its core goal of social responsibility helps to enhance pupils’ understanding of and appreciation for diversity.

“It’s really fun boarding because it’s basically a big sleepover. The food is great and the best part is we get a cooked breakfast every day. Lessons are exciting and my favourites are Drama, Science, PE and especially Maths. In total, we have 18 different lessons. I really like it here and I have lots of responsibilities for myself. It was such a big step coming to CH but it was definitely worth it.” Jack, Year 7 pupil

“Christ’s Hospital has fantastic sports facilities, sports teachers and coaches and you have the opportunity to spend time doing more of the sport you most enjoy. For example, if you want to do well in tennis, there are plenty of courts for you to practise on and highly trained coaches that can help you every step of the way, either in group activities or in one to one coaching sessions. The sports centre and squash courts are available and there is even a spinning room. The swimming pool is open in the evenings for senior pupils if they don’t get the opportunity to swim during the day.” Katherine, Year 10 pupil

“The vastness and availability of these facilities is simply amazing and gives us a lot of flexibility and variety for various forms of exercise. The coaching is very consistent and focused for every kind of pupil, from a sports scholar with seven different sports a week looking for a way to get to a higher level to a D-team member looking for extra practice to move up into a C or B team. The coaches are easy to reach via the sports office and they have a very encouraging and sympathetic approach.” Imani, Year 10 pupil

“The best thing about living at School is the opportunities you have. From Drama to the friendships and everything in between, there is always something to do. There are about 45 pupils in every boarding house. When you start you will be allocated a mentor, someone who looks out for you and makes sure you’re OK. I liked having a mentor as it was someone I could go to and ask questions. In every House there is the Matron who is very caring. If you have any worries about anything or don’t feel so good she is another important go-to person. I feel very lucky being at CH. I’ve made great friends and already have some fantastic memories. Everyone is very enthusiastic about being here!” Jasper, Year 8 pupil