History of Art

History of Art


History of Art is an academic subject studied by both practitioners and non-practitioners of art. The subject provides the students with a good overview of the major developments in art and architecture from classical Greece to the present time.

Emphasis is placed on contextualizing art and architecture in order that the students can develop an appreciation of the role that art has played in the development of civilization and how it reflects and impacts on the values and ideals of society. It equips the students with the knowledge and skills to appreciate and understand art and the visual world around them in terms of aesthetics, meaning and context.

Students of History of Art will develop skills in research, organization and presentation of relevant material. They will also develop analytical skills that will enable them to investigate and explore art and architecture. Essay skills such as planning, structure and substantiation of arguments or judgments are fostered. Students are encouraged to contribute orally to discussions, responding to visual imagery, formulating opinions and making comparisons based on existing knowledge.

History of Art is studied and examined within a historical, religious, political and social context and consequently, the students should acquire good general knowledge and skills that can be applied to a wide field of educational and vocational situations.

Because of the nature of the subject and its links to Politics, Music, Literature, History, Religion, Philosophy and Science, History of Art is a popular university choice. The subject is regarded as a good academic subject for A level study by Universities.

History of Art graduates have a wide range of career opportunities open to them: research, television, publishing, journalism, the art market, exhibitions, museums and teaching. Those with a scientific background can go on to study painting restoration at graduate level. Many also go on to study Architecture, Fine Art and Design.

While no artistic skill is necessary for the History of Art A level, as the subject is essay-based, students are expected to have good writing skills.