¡Hola! And welcome to Spanish at CH!

We are a very lively and passionate department and our aim is to foster a love of the Spanish language and its vibrant and varied culture among our students.


Why Study Spanish?

Learning Spanish can take you to an amazing journey full of new experiences. It will open the door to many exciting and new opportunities, both in your professional career and personal growth. There are more than 450 million speakers of Spanish worldwide and it is the second most spoken native language, which gives Spanish a broad appeal. Imagine the number of places you could work in and the value it adds to your CV!



At Christ’s Hospital, Spanish is taught in a dynamic and engaging way throughout the school from Year 8 to Sixth Form. It is a popular choice of language at GCSE and many students choose it as one of their A level subjects, to then carry it on as part of their university degree courses.

Students immerse themselves in the Spanish language by learning subject-specific content, broaden their cultural knowledge and keep up to date with what is going on in the Spanish society through the many activities that we offer.

The courses taught in both IGCSE and A levels are fun, engaging and practical. Our energetic and knowledgeable specialist teachers and language assistant use a variety of exciting, interactive and up-to-date resources. We strive to teach beyond the textbook by engaging with authentic materials which enable students to feel immersed into the Spanish culture.


Beyond the Classroom

To enhance our student’s cultural and linguistic knowledge beyond the classroom, we offer a rich and varied programme of extracurricular activities, including participation in national competitions, joining the Spanish Society Club and attending workshops given by Flamenco dancers. We also run an annual trip to Spain for a full immersion experience.

Here are some of the student comments on the last trip to La Coruña, which took place in Easter 2022:

IGCSE students:

‘It was fun, informative and educational as well.’

‘I feel more confident in my Spanish abilities.’

‘I would 100% recommend this to other students, the experience was rewarding.’

A level students:

‘This trip has been such a good experience, it’s not just about learning, it’s about living in the culture.’

‘I’ve learned so much about the food and the architecture. I’d love to come back and really immerse myself.’