Tuesday 1st Dec 2020

Freddie’s CH Experience




There are so many positive aspects of CH life which may be similar to other boarding schools, most notably the sporting and extracurricular opportunities. However, there is no other school in the country which brings together so many people from such different backgrounds and does so in such harmony, providing experience and integration of all classes and cultures – something which is invaluable and incredibly powerful.

This is now my seventh year at CH, and in that time I have had so many trips and extracurricular activities that I likely would never otherwise be exposed to. Academically, I have been supported and encouraged to reach beyond even my own goals and being a part of the MUN/CCF/house leadership has provided me with so many opportunities to go to different places and meet new people. I have never not benefited from any of my experiences in this capacity; I always gain new life skills at each interaction.
Being in a boarding house environment has given me so much confidence and general life skills as I transition to university. Especially as a House Captain and then a Monitor, some of the greatest pleasures at CH have been the small moments supporting younger students through any difficulties they might be having and seeing them develop and flourish.

By far my greatest achievement at CH so far would be my academic progress, which of course is the most important and lasting factor of school. After that would be the experiences I’ve had with the School in working on Energy Conversation Investments, including a complete re-lighting of the chapel and site streetlamps, where I had the pleasure of speaking to the Council of Christ’s Hospital. This was the most impressive support that the School has given me – the ability to work with them to improve our energy usage, and they were very open to ideas and improvements. This flexibility has provided me with invaluable experience for something which I am hoping to work with in the future. I’m not sure that other establishments and schools would be so receptive and supportive in such a matter.

CH has been with me through some of the most vital years of my life and is therefore responsible for most of my development. I believe it has given me the confidence to aim high and facilitated the skills to do this. CH has given me the ability to achieve the top grades and academic potential which are necessary for the next steps of my academic life, but, almost more importantly I feel that it has given me the skills and experiences for professional life. I’d like to study International Relations at University and then go into a career in either diplomacy or renewable energy development. As long as there’s variety and travel in a job, I’ll be happy!

Although I don’t live in a particularly ‘bad’ area, I know that if I were not lucky enough to earn a place at CH my experiences in life would be rather different. I don’t believe that I would’ve been able to achieve the academic grades that I have, and certainly not gain the skills and confidence that I have in my time here. What CH has done is really changed the trajectory of my progress for the better, and given me a head start in life for which I shall always be eternally grateful for.

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