Friday 18th Feb 2022

Old Blue’s Parents Path To Joy, Peace & Contentment




Old Blue Parent, Frank Bolaji Irawo a Technical Project Manager turned ICF Accredited Life Coach, Releases DREAM, A Life Transforming Amazon Bestselling Book, donating 20% of the profits to The Blue Fund

A reflective journey from wherever you are to Joy, Peace and Contentment. Working from the Inside. Out Now!

The poems and reflective exercises in this DREAM book are guaranteed to create transformation for the reader. Such guidance helped Frank go from Project Manager in the technology industry, on the edge of bankruptcy, stressed and experiencing poor relationships to thriving and living with ease. Frank now manages a coaching practice; his relationships have improved significantly and is making a greater impact in the world through the Calm Self Foundation charity work.

If you are feeling unfulfilled, numb, stressed, burnt out or empty.  Exhausted through your search for happiness, peace, and contentment; even after changing jobs, location, relationships and buying material goods. Does everything feel out of reach? Do you want more out of life? Then this is the book for you. In nearly 300 hours of coaching, such teaching has served Franks’s clients without fail.

Through this book he is on a mission to help you live your best life with greater clarity, larger impact, and more enriching relationships by changing your experience from the inside out. Stop waiting for your DREAM life to manifest, your journey starts now! The book uses DREAM framework to guide you on this life transforming journey.

Discovery – Know where you are now

Recovery – Get the gold from the past and move on

Envisioning – See what is possible

Action – Do what you know to do now

Manifestation – Experience your dream life unfolding


All proceeds from the book sales will support Charity Water, Lend with Care, The Blue Fund, Green Pastures, and B1G1 to help them provide clean water, work, education, housing, and good mental health to millions across the planet. The purchase of 200,000 books will deliver our target of raising £1,000,000.

Both of Franks children are Old Blues and have seen first have the benefit that donations make towards, Blue Fund and Bursaries; he has generously commited to 20% of the proceeds of this book to go towards The Blue Fund. You can find out more about how The Blue Fund benefits pupils here.

 “I love your work, Frank; it’s always so moving and thought-provoking. What I always find so wonderful is the preamble, the comment made in passing or the crack in the sidewalk that sparked such deep observations. I cannot wait to order a copy!” – Kendra Parker

“I’ve never been big into poetry, but Frank Bolaji Irawo has beautifully shifted my experience with it!” – Helen Amery

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