Tuesday 23rd Nov 2021

James Reflects on a Unique CH Experience




By developing confidence, resilience, and self-esteem, a CH education transforms the lives of young people, equipping them with the ability to believe in themselves and pursue their goals. Here’s what James, one of last year’s leavers said about his CH experience:

 “Being at CH for 7 years has truly made it a home for me. I owe growing up from a shy young boy to a confident adult all to CH. When I got given the opportunity to play saxophone in Second Form I had no idea that it would lead to where I am today. The countless concerts, big band, marching through the streets of London for special events such as the Queen’s birthday, Jazz and Blues night, Valentine’s Day jazz night and much more. CH gave me the opportunity to gain a skill that would lead to hundreds of incredible experiences. The friendships I’ve made at CH have left me with lifelong friends and an endless list of memories. Now I’m coming to the time of leaving, I know it will be hard to leave behind what I’ve considered a home for the last 7 years but using everything I’ve learnt I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life.” James Ormerod (PeB, GrW 14-21)