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Blue Fund

What is the Blue Fund?

The Blue Fund invites donors to join forces and, in partnership, fund a full seven year education and boarding at Christ’s Hospital, for children in need. 100% of all donations to the Blue Fund directly support a child at CH.

Our Current Goal

We currently aiming to raise £231,000 to enable another Blue Fund pupil to join Christ’s Hospital.

We are enormously grateful to all those who have already donated to this target, whether as a one-off or monthly gift.

Join the Blue Fund and transform the life of a young person. Donate here.

Our Blue Fund Pupils

We currently have several Blue Fund pupils, Tom, joined CH in September 2017. Tegan, our second Blue Fund pupil, joined the School in September 2018. Bashar is our third Blue Fund pupil and joined in September 2019. Hadiyyah, our fourth Blue Fund pupil, joined in September 2020.

You can read more about our Blue Fund pupils here.

We look forward to keeping you updated with all of their successes at School through the Housey newsletter and social media – follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Where Does Your Donation Go?

Your gift provides first class free education at Christ’s Hospital for young people from disadvantaged and modest backgrounds with the potential to succeed in life.

We ensure every pupil, regardless of their social or financial background, receives the highest standard of education, as well as the support and encouragement to develop their skills and talents to help them reach their potential.

Find out more about the Blue Fund at our FAQs page.

Your Participation Matters!

The Blue Fund succeeds only as a collective effort; every gift, small or large, regular or one-off, makes a tangible difference. Even a small increase in the percent of participation, or the size of an average gift, can have a huge impact on the fund’s success.

We understand that for many, making a lump sum donation isn’t always possible. The Blue Fund offers an opportunity to become a regular donor. It is an accessible and affordable way to contribute to supporting a child at CH, offering the opportunity to split your gift into smaller instalments (monthly, quarterly, or annually).

By joining forces, you can offer life changing opportunities to young people.

The 1986 Leavers and the Friends of Christ’s Hospital (FCH) both have their own collective funds, separate to the Blue Fund.