Friday 28th Aug 2020

A Level/Pre-U Results




26 August 2020

Update – A Level/Pre-U Results for Christ’s Hospital Pupils – Summer 2020

Following the announcement that Pre-U and A-Level grades for Summer 2020 would revert to the Centre Assessed Grades a number of results have changed leaving pupils and staff celebrating the successes rightly deserved and now acknowledged formally by government and examination boards.

Overall almost 19% of all Pre-U and A Level grades achieved were equivalent to an A* with over half the grades awarded being an Aor A* grade. Almost 80% of grades achieved being A*-B. Out of a cohort of near 100 pupils, 165 of the grades awarded were equivalent to an A grade. 27 Pupils achieved a minimum of one A* and more than a third of all the pupils were awarded a minimum of AAA or higher. The average UCAS points achieved by the cohort was 135, which is marginally short of an average attainment of AAB.

There were some notable individual achievements and huge congratulations go to these students:

Alex Wang A*, A*, A*, A* (Computer Science, Cambridge)
Ellen Farrelly A*, A*, A*, A* (Mathematics, Warwick)
Herman Wong with A*, A*, A*, A* (Physics, Imperial)
Andy Lau with A*, A*, A*, A (Economics, Warwick)
Laurence Maddalena A*, A*, A, A (Engineering, Exeter)
George Sanger D1, A*, A, A (Architecture, UCL)
Holly Maclean A*, A, A, D3 (Philosophy and Psychology, Edinburgh)
Louis Medlock A*, A, A, B (Material Science and Engineering, Birmingham)
Rose Chisholm A*, A*, A* (Community, Public Affairs and Policy Studies, Concordia Montreal)
Amber Marshall-Porter A*, A*, A* (Spanish and Linguistics, Edinburgh)
Risa Mashimo A*, A*, A* (Biochemistry, Lancaster)
Sachin Porter A*, A*, A* (Economics and Management, Oxford)
Samuel Odu D1, A*, A (Human, Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge)
Andre Da Silva-Jenkins A*, A*, A (Politics and International Relations, UCL)
Eva Zhang A*, A*, A (Economics, UCL)
Solomon Woodall A*, A*, A (Mathematics, Birmingham)
Lucy Liu A*, A*, A (Medicine, Birmingham)
Vedika Rastogi A*, A*, A (Classics, UCL)

Congratulations to the following pupils on achieving the very impressive D1 grade within their subjects, Samuel Odu D1 in Pre-U Theology and Philosophy, George Sanger, Caitlin Wong and Leila Drew who achieved their D1’s in Pre-U Art.

International Baccalaureate Results for Christ’s Hospital Pupils

After the announcement from the IB that many grades awarded would in the circumstances be reconsidered after appeal, the IB results at Christ’s Hospital have improved considerably.

71% of the pupils gained 36 points or more out of maximum of 45 and 25% of all grades awarded were Level 7s. Over two thirds of all grades achieved by the cohort were Level 6 or above. Over half of the cohort of 28 pupils gained 38 points or more and the average points achieved by the IB cohort was 37.3 points out of 45, or 221 UCAS points (equivalent to A*, A*, A*, A at A2-Level).

There were notable individual achievements across the cohort and huge congratulations go to all students for this impressive set of results; the following are particularly notable:

Lottie Field, 44 points (Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Oxford)
Juliet Webber, 42 points (English Literature and Language, Oxford)
Helena Thornton, 42 points (Psychology, Bristol)
Lu Li, 41 points (Medicine, University of Buckingham)
Aaron Aguma, 41 points (Classics, Oxford)
Lilith Weingarten, 40 points (Health, Science and Society, Edinburgh)
Martha Sharp, 40 points (German and Arabic, Oxford)
Lucia Walsh, 39 points (Japanese, Durham)
Yasmina Mohamed, 39 points (Law, Warwick)
Gabrielle Felix, 39 points (Law and Spanish, Bristol)

Overall, nine of our pupils have secured places at Oxford or Cambridge and a further five pupils have secured a places to study medicine. Out of the 121 pupils who chose to make an application through UCAS this year, 80% were able to take up either their first choice or insurance offer.

Simon Reid, Head Teacher of Christ’s Hospital commented, “Education as it is shaped at Christ’s Hospital, giving children from a uniquely broad range of backgrounds the life-long launch they deserve, is about far more than examination grades; however, on the day when the School’s successes are seen through the lens of its pupils’ academic achievements, I am immensely proud of what they have achieved, with their teachers and everyone who has supported them over seven years.”