Monday 10th Jul 2023

Alex Holmes Masculinity Lecture




On 8 June, CH was excited to welcome back mental health coach and trainee psychotherapist Alex Holmes, author of ‘Time to Talk’ and host of ‘The Alex Holmes Podcast’, to discuss various issues centred around masculinity and ‘being a good man’. Several junior and senior pupils were invited to the Head Teacher’s house for supper with Alex before giving his Ridley Lecture in the theatre to predominantly the LE (Year 9) and DG (Year 12) year groups.

Alex delivered his lecture in a captivating and truly relatable way, his words resonant with all who attended. Topics such as ‘the manosphere’ were discussed and misconceptions about masculinity were addressed and called into question. The subsequent Q and A was equally engaging, with many pupils in the audience voicing their own thoughts, posing questions, and staying behind to talk to Alex after the lecture finished. Mr Holmes himself was pleasantly surprised by some the mature thoughts and questions directed at him during the evening.

Hopefully this isn’t the last CH sees of Alex Holmes!

Written by Edem and Corinne (DG/Year 12)