Wednesday 1st Jun 2022

Automotive Engineering Event




On 26 May, an automotive engineering event was held at CH, behind Barnes block, courtesy of a member of the cleaning team, Jason Wicker.

Jason, who is also an expert tuner, displayed the cars that are the product of his amazing engineering skills, including his 1000bhp street racers, a Ford Cosworth and Mitsubishi Evo, to an appreciative audience of pupils and staff.

Jason, Dr Wines and Mr Hall-Palmer then led a discussion of the past, present and future of car ownership and its social and environmental impacts.

Timothy (DG/Year 12) said about the event:

‘This was an incredible opportunity for those like me who are interested in the automotive industry to share our passion with Jason, who has worked on these cars and designed parts from the ground up. He showed us the components such as the compressor wheel and pistons made from exotic materials and explained in detail the design process.  There was also a display of vintage vehicles which students enjoyed seeing up close.’