Tuesday 28th Feb 2023

Band Concert




The annual Band Concert, on Sunday 26 February, featured its usual rich variety of styles and ensembles.

The Training Band, having just started this year, contributed a particular highlight to the concert, with a wonderful performance of Defying Gravity. The remainder of the concert included a mixture of marches, solo performances (particular congratulations to Jacob, Luke (both GR/Year 13) and Sam (GE/Year 11) for their rendition of Buglers’ Holiday and to Sumire (GR/Year 13) for her virtuosic xylophone playing in Helter Skelter) and even a guest appearance from vocalist Gabriel (DG/Year 12), who sang My Way to end a medley of Frank Sinatra songs. The afternoon ended with a tune the Band plays more than any other (but which retains its popularity): Sussex by the Sea.

As Mr Carter mentioned during the concert, preparations were not unhampered by a variety of unusual obstacles; well done to him and everybody in the Band for overcoming these and putting on such an enjoyable afternoon. Let us hope we hear the Gregson Tuba Concerto another time…