Tuesday 18th Oct 2022

Black History Month Lecture




As part of our Black History Month celebrations, we welcomed popular content creator Zai Sylla for an engaging exploration of negative and positive tropes of Black characters in books and films.

Grecian pupil (Year 13) Alfiena, wrote the following review of the event:

Popular content creator Zai Sylla’s visit involved her speaking about ‘Championing Black stories on page and screen’. In light of her own experiences Zai captivated the audience as she broke down the different stages in regard to how Black stories are portrayed in the media. Zai explained alternatives to us, suggesting why it’s important to promote Black joy, which is a great concept now being used in representation of Black people in the media; suggesting movies like Black Panther and The Woman King. Prior to her talk a few pupils spoke with Zai over dinner, where she shared her experiences of being a Black, mixed heritage female growing up in Belgium. Hearing her story was insightful and inspiring for us all as she shared her struggles with identity and becoming who she is today, sharing some encouraging words as ways to overcome the stigmas that lie today.