Thursday 9th May 2019

British Biology Olympiad 2019




Well done to all of the pupils who took part in the British Biology Olympiad on Monday 4th Feb.

The British Biology Olympiad is a national competition run by the Royal Society of Biology. This year, 19 Grecian (Year 13) and Deputy Grecian (Year 12) pupils participated and 13 of these pupils were awarded medals or were commended.

Silver Medals were awarded to Lydia and Maximus;

Bronze Medals were awarded to Tara and Henry.

A further nine students were either commended or highly commended.

These papers are principally aimed at Grecian pupils, so to see a good performance from the Deputy Grecians is really encouraging. The grade boundaries were lower this year than in the previous few years, suggesting it was a particularly challenging paper; to illustrate this, Lydia and Max’s scores put them comfortably within the top 15% of pupils who sat the Olympiad paper nationally and they were each only two correct responses away from a Gold medal.

Well done to all those who achieved medals this time and we hope that the other pupils will reapply and achieve their medals next year.