Friday 29th Sep 2023

CHOSA Launched to all Deputy Grecians




Christ’s Hospital Outreach and Service Award is a new initiative which seeks to formally recognise the service many of our students do for others, both within Christ’s Hospital and in the wider community.

All Deputy Grecians (Year 12s) will take part in the programme, choosing for themselves what to get involved with, and having the chance to act on their opinions on injustice, inclusivity, charity, bias, democracy and global responsibility.  There are many ways to do this, be it peer mentoring, helping within a society such as the African Caribbean Society or Green Blues, visiting the elderly and running after school clubs at local primary schools through Community Action, or delivering assemblies to raise awareness.

At the launch, the new Deps heard endorsements of the programme from Samuel Odo (OB, Rugby Blue at Cambridge), Androula Pistolas (psychotherapist, Mental Health Lead at CH) and Natalie Dotor Cespedes (Medical Society Coordinator) and there will be weekly drop in sessions with Olivia Hawkins (Community Action and Service Coordinator) to ensure all students have the support they need.

We look forward to sharing news about the projects as they get underway.