Monday 27th Jan 2020

Classics Troy Exhibition Trip




On the 22 of January, a group of senior Classics students visited the British Museum exhibition ‘Troy: Myth and Reality’.

The Trojan war and its aftermath – Odysseus’ journey homeward, and Aeneas’ flight from the city to Italy, where he eventually founds Rome, provides some of the core stories which our students study in the original Latin and Greek at GCSE, A Level and IB. ‘Seeing actual vases made more than 2000 years ago illustrating the texts we were reading just last week was surreal,’ commented Andrew (DG/Year 12).

The exhibition included some of the most significant and beautiful pottery in the British Museum collection (including one of the earliest known examples of the written Greek language) examples of the reception of the myths of Troy in Greek, Roman and more recent cultures, as well as an overview of the archaeology of the historical Troy. GCSE students were particularly pleased to see some representations of Aeneas and Creusa who feature in their examined set-text. Vergil’s Aeneid, apart from the Bible, is the only book that has been studied as part of the curriculum of Christ’s Hospital every year since its foundation!