Thursday 9th Mar 2023

English Chamber Orchestra Workshop




The afternoon started with six of our pupils receiving individual instrumental lessons from the ECO musicians. Meanwhile the percussion workshop took place in Big School for two of the CH percussion pupils.

The lessons were followed by separate woodwind/ brass and string rehearsals lead by the ECO members. This gave the pupils a new perspective of Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers. The ECO worked them hard, shedding light on breathing, intonation, bowing and phrasing.

After the sectionals the pupils enjoyed a snack break and short concert (Clarinet Quartet No.2 by Crusell) performed by the ECO members and a viola player well known to CH!

The day ended with a full Symphony Orchestra rehearsal where the ECO musicians sat within the sections of the orchestra.
The sound the orchestra produced was quite astonishing for a school orchestra. The pupils had clearly gained so much from the entire afternoon and although tired, in true CH style, they were focused and therefore played to the best of their ability.

The comments from the ECO musicians throughout the day were encouraging and full of praise towards the pupils. They thoroughly enjoyed working with the pupils and are looking forward to returning for the concert on the 19 March.
Well done to all of the pupils involved!