Thursday 30th Mar 2023

Fives Inspiration




On 6 March we had the privilege of welcoming Old Blue Louise Mathias, the National Ladies Fives champion, to train with the CH girls. The day started with Louise talking about how she began her Fives journey at CH and her progression since then at university and beyond. She expressed an interest in inspiring young women to continue Fives after school and connect with the larger Fives community.

In the afternoon, she first met with the recreational Fives group and coached a mix of DG (Year 12) and GE (Year 11) who have played for varying lengths of time. The training she provided was helpful in establishing firm techniques, with the pupils growing in enthusiasm and confidence.

Later on, during the aspirational Fives active, Louise worked with competitive sixth form pupils, helping them to refine their style of play and pushing them to go outside their comfort zone with new techniques. Alicia (GR/Year 13) said ‘we found it a really engaging experience that improved our play and are hugely grateful to Louise and the Rugby Fives Association.’

Louise then participated in a thrilling doubles match with Mr Callaghan, against Mr Walsh and Charlie (GE/Year 11). The match was quick and thoroughly exciting to watch, providing both inspiration and entertainment to the team.