Wednesday 23rd Jun 2021

Gospel Choir Concert




Watch the Gospel Choir Concert here:

Like a ray of sunlight piercing the literal and metaphorical drizzle, the Deps (Year 12) and Grecians (Year 13) of the Gospel Choir gave their first dedicated concert in recent times to an enthusiastic, select audience of Grecians and staff in Chapel.

Led and directed by Esther and Jamira (both GR/Year 13) (who could give Ant and Dec a run for their money on the presenting front!), the ingeniously designed programme demonstrated the variety and dexterity of this group in different combinations.

The Grecians opened with Blinded by your grace, joined soon by the Deps. During the course of the evening, Esther, Tomisin (GR/Year 13), and Toga (DG/Year 12), held the room spellbound with solo offerings, and the two vocal trios were equally impressive. In her thanks at the end, Jamira made special mention of Max (GR/Year 13), who has acted as accompanist (often with no music!), arranger, and all round enthusiast.

For me, the most inspiring moments were when the whole group sang together in glorious, resounding harmony, exemplified in the upbeat Shackles (Praise You). Perhaps a reflection of our current situation, the passion and fervour with which they sang ‘take the shackles off my feet so I can dance’ was thrilling (and all with excellent diction too).

The audience left this life-affirming concert feeling grateful and hopeful for the future. My thanks to Esther, Jamira, and the Gospel Choir for this event, and for their work throughout the year. We look forward to hearing the group next week at the Big Band Concert.

Mr. A Hodgkinson, Director of Music