Thursday 18th Aug 2022

Impressive A Level/Pre-U results for Christ’s Hospital Pupils.




An incredibly impressive set of results given the significant challenges experienced by this cohort, including the cancellation of their GCSE public examinations. Over the two years of Sixth Form, they have overcome covid restrictions and periods of remote learning. They have shown resilience in the face of adversity and should be deeply proud of their achievements, which happen to be some of the best public exam results in Christ Hospital’s recent history. This includes a fantastic 23% of all Pre-U and A Level grades being graded at A* or above, with 53 % of all grades awarded being an A or A* grade and 77% A*-B. Out of the whole cohort there was a 100% pass rate and the average UCAS points achieved by the cohort was 137, which is equivalent to an average attainment of AAB. Out of a cohort of 134 pupils, 223 of the 423 grades awarded were at A grade or higher and two pupils achieved the coveted D1 grade at Pre-U level. Congratulations should go to Ellen Warner (D1, Art) and Sarah Roberts (D1, Art). A huge proportion, of 40%, achieved a minimum of one A* grade and more than 60 pupils achieved overall grades equivalent to AAA or higher.

These results represent some fantastic individual achievements in the face of adversity alongside some notable all round achievements. The following pupils should be noted as having gained a string of the very top grades:

Georgina Catt A*, A*, A*, A* (Modern Languages, Bristol)
Yuka Atsuchi A*, A*, A*, A* (Natural Science, Durham)
Shangshang (Hillary) Qiu A*, A*, A*, A* (Natural Science, Cambridge)
Wai Chi (Melissa) Tse A*, A*, A*, D2 (Animation Production, Bournemouth)
Rin Nakamura A*, A*, A*, A (Natural Science, Cambridge)
Zhao (Andy) Shi A*, A*, A, A (Mathematics)
Isabella Holland A*, A*, A, B (International Business Management, Bristol)
Gloria Namutebi A*, A, A, A (Statistics, Economics and a Language, UCL)
Adekoyejo Adegbite A*, A, A, B (Computer Science, Queen Mary)
Pui Tak (Peter) Chu A*, A, A, B (Medicine, Newcastle)
Sarah Roberts A*, A*, D1 (Architecture, Cambridge)
Mya Basiime A*, A*, A* (Law and Spanish Law, Oxford)
Isabel Hood A*, A*, D2 (Liberal Arts, Bristol)
Max Hughes A*, A*, A* (Mechanical Engineering, Bristol)
Bebe Khamphachart-Baxter A*, A*, A* (Computer Science, Bristol)
Thomas Worth A*, A*, A* (Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Leeds)
Chun (Ringo) Yau A*, A*, A* (Economics and Finance, Bristol)

Simon Reid, Head Teacher of Christ’s Hospital commented, “After all the uncertainty for our pupils over several years these results are really very impressive. The headlines will be hit by those who receive the very top grades – and there are a good many of those – however, Christ’s Hospital is as proud as ever of all those who, despite considerable challenges along the way, have emerged with their own very best grades, whatever they are. Well done to a cohort of pupils who will be sorely missed.”

Eight pupils holding offers from Oxbridge achieved their required grades. A further four pupils secured places to study medicine. Many our pupils accepted were from “higher tariff” universities. This means many of our pupils will be taking up places with prominent universities including Manchester, Kings College London, Nottingham, Exeter, Bristol, Durham, Warwick and University College London.

Out of the 129 pupils who chose to make an application through UCAS this year, 81% were able to take up either their first choice or insurance offer.