Thursday 9th Mar 2023

Law Workshop




On 28 February pupils in GE (Year 11) and above were invited to attend a law workshop, run by external barrister Tommy Seagull.

Pupils learnt how to write a bail application and had the opportunity to make their speech to an audience, as well as to consider qualities and qualifications needed to move forward as a barrister or solicitor.

Tommy Seagull graduated in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford and completed the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at City University. As a keen former debater, he has previously taught debating at a summer school he set up, at KPMG for newly promoted senior managers, and at the Oxford Union. He was a judge at the Grand Final of the International Public Speaking Competition, was formerly the ESU International and English Mace debating champion and has won other advocacy competitions, including The Times Law Competition and Lincoln’s Inn Crowther Shield.