Thursday 19th May 2022

Law Workshop




On 16 May, Tommy Seagull led an inspiring and insightful law workshop for sixth form pupils, which focused on practising the skills and thinking about the attributes needed to be a good lawyer.

The workshop talked through plea mitigation, with an opportunity to learn about sentencing law.  After some prep on plea mitigation, pupils were given a chance to read a case study and present their own plea on behalf of ‘Mr Newman’ who was charged with possessing a bladed article in a public place. Keighley and Edith both gave credible and convincing pleas, which were impressive and received sound feedback. Pupils looked at ethical dilemmas and were asked to ‘solve’ a moral dilemma. They were encouraged to think on their feet, present logical arguments and use legal guidelines to evaluate cases. Pupils then asked Tommy questions about his current work in Florida working on death row cases.