Friday 21st May 2021

Mandarin Competition Success!




Deputy Grecian (Year 12) Eddy has won second place in the national British Council Mandarin Speaking Competition at advanced level!

This is an especially great achievement, as Eddy would have been one of the younger competitors for the advanced level competition. Head of Mandarin at CH, Danni Yan, said: “Eddy has excelled himself and demonstrated that he is an excellent Mandarin scholar with great speaking abilities.”

It is wonderful that Eddy has been rewarded for his hard work and dedication to Mandarin and the School is very proud to have been represented by him!

Eddy is studying Cambridge Pre-U Mandarin (equivalent to A Level). CH pupils have the option to choose Mandarin from Third Form (Year 8). We currently offer the following Mandarin courses:

  • Cambridge IGCSE Mandarin
  • Cambridge Pre-U Mandarin
  • Edexcel A Level Chinese
  • IB AB
  • IB SL

The British Council’s Mandarin Speaking Competition took place digitally this year, in a series of online events. The competition provides a great opportunity for secondary school students to practise and improve their Mandarin language skills. Taking part in the competition increases students’ motivation for learning the language, raises confidence for oral examinations and inspires students to discover more about Chinese culture.

For more info, please read our previous news piece on the first round of the competition:

Mandarin Speaking Competition – Christ’s Hospital (