Monday 27th Jan 2020

Medical Society Cadaver Prosection Trip




The DG (Year 12) Medical Society members went on the annual cadaver prosection trip on Monday 20 January to Leaf Hospital, which is part of Brighton University’s campus in Eastbourne, and as usual, it was truly fascinating!

This is what one of the Medical Society members, who attended the trip, had to say about the experience:

‘Initially, I was scared to see the cadavers, but after going into the room and getting used to everything, it was really cool and I actually learnt lots of new, interesting things about the human body. The experience as a whole felt extremely valuable and it also inspired me to learn more about the human body. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to see inside the human body so up close and in detail; it was on a whole other level to be able to actually feel and hold real human body parts, which were a lot different to how I thought they’d be, and something I’d never imagined myself doing.’