Tuesday 30th Nov 2021

Mock Trial




On 26 November we were delighted to host pupil barrister Tommy Seagull who led over 30 pupils in a mock trial over Teams.  A selection of GR and DG (Year 13 and 12) pupils were sent the court case in advance and were assigned roles in either the prosecution or defence. Another group of pupil debaters in the UF, GE and DG (Year 10, 11 and 12) acted as the jury. Tommy guided pupils through the English law system and explained the procedures they were about to experience first-hand, including the types of questions usually asked in cross-examination. Pupils then started the trial with the fictional defendant (also acted by one of the pupils) being accused of grievous bodily harm and resisting arrest. Tension built as the jury left to decide their verdict, ending up sentencing the offender as guilty of grievous bodily harm (but not guilty for resisting arrest). Pupils who participated in the event said that they were “really pleased to have had the opportunity to speak in a courtroom setting” and that Tommy really “set up the idea that we were in court, having to speak in front of a judge”. Another added that it was an “excellent way to practice my speaking skills”.

Many thanks to the careers’ department for arranging this event.  We look forward to working with Tommy again in the future!