Wednesday 27th Apr 2022

MUN Haileybury Conference




Twenty CH pupils attended the Model United Nations Conference in Haileybury over the leave weekend of 18–20 March, in what was the first external conference for over two years.

Haileybury is the biggest conference of its kind in the country with roughly 600 delegates from across the UK, and some delegates travelling from as far as Ohio, USA and Switzerland.

Christ’s Hospital represented Austria, China, New Zealand, Uganda and Madagascar to debate important global issues such as: creating a response to maritime piracy; the continued search of Outer Space Activity; measures to prevent desertification; the global distribution of food to prevent world hunger; the legacy of slavery and colonisation.

Our Secretary General, Isabella (GR/Year 13), represented China in the Security Council, where the Ukraine-Russia conflict was the focus of tense debates to try to find a diplomatic solution.

Over the course of the weekend, pupils wrote and discussed resolutions, made amendments and voted, overcame nerves to give speeches, challenged others’ opinions and, perhaps most importantly, formed friendships with new people.

After an exhilarating yet exhausting weekend, the closing ceremony was a triumph and CH pupils walked away with huge pride and a number of prizes. Indeed, CH pupils impressed so much that two of our delegations took two of the top six prizes. Congratulations also go to Tim and Isabella (GR/Year 13) for winning ‘Highly Commended Delegate’ and Ella, David, Ben (all DG/Year 12) and Will (GR/Year 13) for winning ‘Outstanding Delegate’.

Pupil testimonials from the event:

‘I loved this entire weekend, particularly spending time out of school with friends and getting to know lots of people from CH better. Highlights for me included getting to know students from other schools which was amazing and helped create a sense of diplomacy and international unity; I hope to maintain contact with some of the people I met at Haileybury.  Other highlights for me were, on the second day, finally being confident enough to make a speech without it all written down in front of me, which was a huge fear of mine, as well as coming up with various quite significant amendments and having them debated and often passed.

‘I got my resolution for addressing mental health in youths approved, debated and passed, as well as having it chosen for the General Assembly debate, which even though we didn’t quite have time for was still a massive moment for me. I won distinguished delegate in my committee (Health and Youth) and China, my country, won distinguished delegation, which was amazing too.

Overall, I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go again next year!’

Ella, DG/Year 12


‘Haileybury MUN was a fantastic experience that has given me the confidence to continue to develop my interest in international relations, politics and public speaking. It was really insightful to take part in the Human Rights Council, being the delegate of Uganda, exploring difficult questions whilst navigating a different political perspective. My highlight has to be making a speech in front of all the students attending in the general assembly. I am extremely grateful to be able to take part in MUN representing CH.’

Maddie, DG/Year 12


‘The MUN Haileybury trip was a very enjoyable and illuminating experience. Coming from a shy Year 7 to speaking in front of a vast number of people has really been eye opening. It has highlighted my development as a person since my younger self would not have even spoken in front of a few people. The weeks of MUN practice at school were effective as I won a prize for highly commended delegation.’

Megan, DG/Year 12


‘HMUN 22 was an intellectually enthralling experience, from the policy statements and lobbying on Friday evening to the general assembly on Sunday afternoon, I enjoyed every minute of it, culminating in winning two awards: Highly commended delegation, and Distinguished designate. Overall, it was great fun and I look forward to any and all future conferences.’

Ben, DG/Year 12


‘The MUN conference was a great experience, and I massively enjoyed getting to debate important issues such as gun control and space exploration. Getting my resolution debated and passed was really exciting, as was winning a prize for my delegation. However, my fondest memories are of meeting new people, and having interesting conversations and debates with them.’

Amélie, DG/Year 12


‘Haileybury was an intense yet extremely rewarding weekend, and presented the unique opportunity to meet delegates from a vast number of different schools (and countries). Participating in Security Council allowed me to debate and consider real-world issues as they developed, including the situation in Ukraine, which was handled with sensitivity and diplomacy. An unexpected crisis council on the last day also kept us on our toes as we had to respond to a (thankfully fictitious) presidential assassination in Zimbabwe.’

Isabella, GR/Year 13