Tuesday 1st Feb 2022

Music Scholars’ Recital




It has been a long while since we’ve been able to put on a concert in this format in front of a live audience, and what a joy it was to be back! Our junior music scholars – some of whom were performing as soloists for the first time at CH – played, sang and carried themselves on stage with a professional air that belied their ages.

Joshua (LE/Year 9) opened the batting with a lively, syncopated Mister Trumpet Man at the piano. This was followed by three Baroque pieces, a Sonata for bassoon played by Ted (UF/Year 10), two movements of Vivaldi’s Cello Sonata no. 5 by Jiwon (UF/Year 10), and Christopher (LE/Year 9) on piano with the Vivace from Telemann’s Fantasia in G minor. All three performances demonstrated wonderfully authentic phrasing and articulation, with Christopher making the Dominions Steinway sound as much like a harpsichord as is possible!

Our more experienced scholars gave fine performances: Paco (GE/Year 11 – voice), Sam (UF/Year 10 – trumpet), Manuela (GE/Year 11 – violin), and Oliver Porritt (GE/Year 11 – piano) amply demonstrated the progress they have made; remarkable given the disruption of the last two years. It was equally great to see performers new to this particular platform: LE/Year 9 pupils Finley (double bass), Oliver (French horn), and Whittaker (trumpet).

As well as being an excellent opportunity for these talented pupils to perform and for an audience to hear them play, this first scholars’ recital for two years was a window into a future of music at CH. And what an exciting future it is set to be.