Monday 27th Jan 2020

Public Speaking Competition




On Thursday 23 January, six Christ’s Hospital pupils took part in the English-Speaking Union Public Speaking Competition, which is the largest such contest in England and Wales, with around 400 teams (each comprising a speaker, questioner and a chairperson). The different roles allow students to practise and excel in different skill sets, and the competition’s unique format, which pairs the speaker from one school with the chair and questioner of another, encourages quick thinking and relationship building. Most of all it is fun, and a great way for students to develop their oracy skills in a friendly, supportive environment.

Sebastian (UF/Year 10) spoke on whether anxiety disorders are down to nature or nurture, focusing on the issues surrounding mental health and raising awareness of these in school. Chara (GE/Year 11) spoke on the problem of overpopulation of the earth, making strong reference to the issue of economic development versus climate change. Nimue (GE/Year 11) was awarded ‘Best Questioner’ with her interrogative (but friendly) questions on another participant’s speech. Although we didn’t progress to the next round, all our pupils did brilliantly regardless – and there’s always next year!