Wednesday 20th Nov 2019

Tony Ray-Jones Photography Competition




This year’s Tony Ray-Jones Photography Competition had a theme of ‘Structure’ and had 170 entries. The guest judge, Edward Denison (Architectural Historian, Associate Professor at the Bartlett School of Architecture, award-winning author and Old Blue) found the task particularly difficult because of the quantity and standard of the entries. His winning choices were (pictured in the gallery below in the same order):

Junior: Frankie (Second Form/Year 7)

Intermediate: Ife (GE/Year 11)

Senior: Lu (GR/Year 13)

Best in Show: George (GR/Year 13)

The competition was followed by a lecture by Edward where he discussed the decentralisation of Modernism, the historical context to the architecture of Asmara, Eritrea as a case in point, as well as the state of architecture in the age of the Anthropocene. In a short space of time he gave a highly compelling argument for reviewing the Modernist story, looking beyond Europe and North America for our cultural history, as well as illuminating the responsibility our students have to address in maintaining and adding to the current global architectural landscape. He also advertised The Bartlett’s Promise, which is a new initiative for prospective architect students who can apply for funding towards their higher education.