Thursday 25th Aug 2022

A stellar set of (I)GCSE results




After a turbulent couple of years in preparation for examinations, pupils and staff at Christ’s Hospital are celebrating a stellar set of (I)GCSE results, some of the best seen at the School. There are plenty of individual success stories; many of our pupils have faced great adversity over the past year in addition to the challenges presented by the pandemic.  Our Great Erasmus (Year 11) pupils should be immensely proud of their achievements.

The Head Teacher, Simon Reid, comments “Our pupils have excelled themselves with these results. They reflect not only the dedication and commitment of pupils, but the professionalism and care of the teachers who prepared them for these public examinations through an exceptionally disrupted few years. Our pupils will begin their A Level courses with confidence, knowing that their hard work has provided them with an excellent platform for their Sixth Form studies.”

Half of the grades awarded were at Level 8 or 9 (equivalent to an A*), with 23% at the highest grade.  Almost three quarters of all grades achieved (74%) were at a Level 7 or above.  Despite the difficulties encountered by some of our pupils, there was a 98.6% pass rate (Level 4-9).  Of the cohort of 134 pupils, 41 (31%) achieved 10 or more grades at Level 7 or above, with 36 (27%) pupils achieving 8 grades at Level 8 or above.  Within these there were some great individual performances at the top end.  Congratulations to the following pupils:

Rosie Harding:                        11 Level 9, A

Oscar Van Huet Lindeman:    8 Level 9, Level 8, A*

Charlotte Diggens:                  8 Level 9, 2 Level 8

Ella Hewens:                           8 Level 9, 2 Level 8

Edith Scott:                             8 Level 9, 2 Level 8

Corinne Agyemang;                8 Level 9, 2 Level 8, A*

Evie Duckworth:                     9 Level 9, 1 Level 7, A*

Luke Smedley:                        9 Level 9, 1 Level 8, A

Arthur Hannavy:                     9 Level 9, B

Hugo Gammon:                      6 Level 9, 4 Level 8

George Kuku:                          7 Level 9, 2 Level 8, 1 Level 7

Priya Saha:                              6 Level 9, 2 Level 8, A*,1 Level 7

Scarlet Claydon-Jones:         6 Level 9,5 Level 8

Robert Chapple,                      9 Level 9, 2 A, 1 Level 7

We wish the cohort all the very best for their Sixth Form studies.