Thursday 13th Jun 2019

Careers Tea: A Career in Design




On Thursday 6th June, Emily Browne, Designer-in-Residence, gave a fantastic Careers talk to a range of students from UF/Year 10 and above who are interested in pursuing Design or a related subject after Christ’s Hospital.

Emily spoke about her GCSE and A-Level choices, specifically how these didn’t limit her to a narrow field of study but in fact allowed her to change her path as she applied to University.  She also showed students examples of recent work that she completed at Brunel University where she is currently in her third year.  Students were excited to see the huge range of options on offer in this field; Emily did a brilliant job at conveying this to her audience, highlighting the wide variety of options available across the Creative and Mathematical spectrum of this subject.

Emily is currently working at CH this year as her placement, before returning to Brunel University for her final academic year in 2019