Thursday 17th Aug 2023

Congratulations Christ’s Hospital Students on their A level/Pre-U results




Students at Christ’s Hospital should be very proud of their accomplishments having received their A level results. Many of our students have had to overcome significant challenge in achieving these results making them all the more impressive. Within these results there are superb all-round results alongside some fantastic individual achievements.

The cohort achieved 142 UCAS points on average, equivalent to AAB, with 14% of the grades being awarded at A* or above. Two thirds of the grades were awarded at a B or higher of which 39% were graded as A or A*. Of the cohort of 117 students, 146 of the 375 grades were at A or above and there were 53 grades awarded at A* or equivalent. Within the cohort, 40% of the students gained the equivalent of AAA or higher and 15% were at A*, A*, A* or higher.

The top individual secured five A*  A-Level grades.

  A* %  13.6
  A*-A %  38.9
  A*-B %  66.9
  A*-C %  86.7
  Pass %  98.9

Many of the students, having gained a string of the very top grades have been accepted onto impressive courses including Mathematics and Classics at Cambridge; Politics, Sociology and East European Studies at UCL; Philosophy, Politics and Economics at King’s College London; Computer Science at Birmingham; Chemistry at Imperial; Anthropology at Durham; Mathematics at Warwick; Mathematics at Imperial; Natural Sciences at UCL; Fashion Contour at University of the Arts and Modern Languages and Linguistics at Warwick.

Simon Reid, Head Teacher of Christ’s Hospital commented, “as one of the more important measures of CH students’ achievements as they conclude their school careers, these results are very impressive. Students here deserve our praise for emerging so strongly from what has been a testing time over the last couple of years, as do their teachers who have provided excitement and clear leadership in facilitating learning.”

Of the four students holding offers from Oxbridge three have confirmed places. Many of our students accepted offers from “higher tariff” universities, including Manchester, Kings College London, Edinburgh, Southampton, Exeter, Bristol, Durham, Imperial College, Warwick and University College London

Of those who applied, 96% have been accepted onto university courses.