Thursday 18th Nov 2021

Conscious Economy Lecture




Old Blue and successful business entrepreneur Vanessa Maselino delivered an excellent lecture to Grecians on 2 November entitled Conscious Economy: A New Dawn of Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Here is a brief review of the lecture, courtesy of pupil Daisy (Grecian/Year 13):

“Vanessa Maselino is an Old Blue (former pupil) and a successful business entrepreneur who founded youth-led environmental and lifestyle magazine, BASEMNT. She spoke on sustainability and its prominence in today’s society, economically and within day-to-day life. Vanessa gave us an insight into the change in which companies are being directed towards when it comes to caring for the environment as well as growing a successful business. She also encouraged us to take every opportunity on offer and believe in ourselves, as these are key factors when it comes to being a good leader.”