Tuesday 26th Mar 2024

Culture Shock




Culture Shock is an event that the school holds annually and is organised by the African Caribbean Society, with support from other inclusion groups. The event is a celebration of the school’s cultural diversity, allowing junior and senior students to both showcase their own cultures and learn about all the other different cultures represented at CH, through an immersive experience of musical performances, fashion, interactive games and, of course, food!

‘2024 Culture shock was nothing like we’ve seen before, it was truly an event to remember and gave everyone the space to express their culture.’ Scarlett (GR/Year 13)

‘Culture shock 2024 was truly a fantastic experience. With Masai dancers, a fashion show that elucidated so many different cultures, a talent show, food and games, culture shock was unbelievably immersive. I felt as if I could really celebrate and appreciate so many cultures, including my own. It was sensational.’ Josiah (GR/Year 13)

‘Culture shock 2024 has been something Keziah (co president of the ACS) and I have been planning since the start of our presidency. It was truly an incredible experience to see everything come together. We strive to highlight diversity and inclusion within the school and this event definitely showcased this.’ Elizabeth, ACS co president (GR/Year 13)