Tuesday 5th Dec 2023

Ethics Cup Regionals




A team of nine CH students was victorious in the regional round of the Ethics Cup on 30 November and is through to the national championship at St Andrew’s on 23 May 2024.

It was a privilege to host the event, and our visitors (Reed’s, Hampton, King Edward’s Witley) had a wonderful day. We were lucky to also have two guest judges, Stephen Law (Dept. of Philosophy, Oxford, Director of Continuing Education) and Raanan Gillon OB, former editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics (for 20 years). The students discussed cases such as the COVID-19 Challenge trial performed by Imperial College London, the ethics of punching Nazis, ear piercings, fast fashion, and geriatric parents.

The Ethics Cup is not a debating competition, but rather opposing teams are encouraged to work together to get to the truth of the matter, rather than dogmatically defend a single point of view.

Congratulations to all the students involved!