Saturday 6th Jul 2019

IB Results – 2019




July saw the IB pupils at Christ’s Hospital gain a strong set of results, with 50% of the pupils gaining 34 points or more out of maximum of 45. 16% of all grades awarded were at Level 7, and just under half of all grades achieved were at Level 6. 80% of the grades achieved by the cohort were at Level 5 or above. Over 25% of the cohort of 28 pupils gained 38 points or more and the average points achieved by the IB cohort was 34.1 points out of 45, or 192 UCAS points (equivalent to A A A A at  A2-Level).

Currently top places expected to be taken up by our IB Grecians include: Medicine at Imperial, Classics at University College London and Biomedical Sciences at Kings College London. Many congratulations to all.

Helena Walsh 42 (Gap Year)

Mary Adjavie 40 (Medicine, Imperial)

Marley Bell 39 (Classics, UCL)

Tanitoluwa Fakile 38 (Linguistics and Social Anthropology, Manchester)

Robert Giersch 38 (Ancient and Modern History, Oxford)

Britney To 38 (Biomedical Sciences, KCL)