Wednesday 6th Jul 2022

International Baccalaureate results finish on a high!




After 10 years of teaching the International Baccalaureate at Christ’s Hospital our results finish on a high, with the strongest set of examinable results in the history of its delivery at the School. This is a phenomenal achievement set against the backdrop of adversity. This group of candidates was denied the opportunity to sit the 2020 GCSEs because of the pandemic and this was followed by a Sixth Form experience that was severely disrupted. The resilience and tenacity of this group of pupils is remarkable and should be fully celebrated.

The 17 pupils achieved an average points score of 37.8 out of 45, equivalent to 234 UCAS points or four A*s plus at A2-Level. This is the highest average points score achieved by a cohort of Christ’s Hospital pupils taking the IB examination route in the last 10 years. The average grade achieved was a Level 6 and 31% of all the grades awarded were top Level 7. 72% of grades were either a Level 6 or 7 and six pupils achieved 40+ points representing an impressive 35% of the cohort.

Head Teacher, Mr Simon Reid, commented, “Many of this unique cohort of pupils have really distinguished themselves, with two gaining highly competitive places for medicine – including our Second Monitor Alex Anyanwu – and two gaining places at Oxford. Despite the challenges encountered over the last two years, all IB pupils can be very proud of this strong and well-deserved set of results. They have embraced with enthusiasm and humility all that they have been offered by the IB and Christ’s Hospital and we wish them all the very best for the future.”

Huge congratulations should go to all the IB pupils but there are some notable individual achievements: 11/14 pupils secured higher tariff university places (79%). Several gained places for highly competitive courses:

Matthew Harvey Gay, 43 points (Classics, St Andrews)

Nimue Romeikat, 43 points (Medicine, St Andrews)

Alex Anyanwu, 42 points (Medicine, Manchester)

Lydia Greene, 42 points (English, Oxford)

Aimee-Chance Jay, 42 points (Medicine, Queen Mary University of London)

Naomi Ololuo, 42 points (Law, Oxford)

Three pupils out of the cohort have chosen to benefit from a year away from education.

The 10 years of success in offering the International Baccalaureate at Christ’s Hospital is in no small part down to exceptional dedication and enthusiasm of two members of staff, Dr Andrew Wines and Mr Martin Stephens who have led the programme. They have expertly guided a total of 244 pupils through the challenges of the International Baccalaureate, securing success at every moment with a 10-year average points score of 36.1 out of 45. Although we are stepping back from offering the International Baccalaureate we do so with strength, recognising the long-term positive effects it has had and will continue to have on the transformational education offered at Christ’s Hospital.

The Head Teacher, Mr Simon Reid, commented that “even if Christ’s Hospital is no longer offering the IB Diploma, many of its best characteristics have been transferred to other facets of the School’s newly developed curriculum. The Extended Project Qualification provides the much-needed drive for independent thought that is part of what the IB stands for and, in the senior ‘Learning for Life’ course, the space for philosophical thought, notable in the IB’s Theory of Knowledge course, is delivered to every post 16 pupil at the School. We are delighted with these developments in the Christ’s Hospital curriculum; they offer access to rich educational seams that are otherwise unavailable in the study of A Level subjects.”